Turkish jets continue overflights

Despite the political consultations in Ankara on Friday between delegations of the Greek and Turkish foreign ministries, tension continued to simmer due to a barrage of 40 airspace violations by seven Turkish fighter jets in the north and southeastern Aegean, and another challenge to Greece's sovereignty issued by a senior ranking official of the neighboring country.

Parliament Speaker predicts 2020 economic upswing, resolve toward Turkey

Parliament Speaker Konstantinos Tasoulas struck an optimistic note about what is in store in in 2020 in remarks just before Christmas.

At the same time he underlined Greece's peaceful resolve in dealing with Turkey's threat and the consequent escalation of tensions in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean.

We need allies, everywhere

Greece is not only limited to its physical borders. The country has managed to expand and punch above its weight especially because it relied on the other Greece, the Greeks of the diaspora, who provided assistance at times of need and exerted influence in centers of power.

The contribution of Albanians

The contribution of Albanians and ethnic Greeks from Albania to the Greek economy is indisputable. The big migration wave of the 1990s revitalized almost all professions and remains a decisive factor in the country's economic development. Greece gained capable blue-collar workers and laborers who, with their dedication and hard work, continue to contribute to the country and create wealth.

Byzantium inspires Greek board game

Inspired by the popular board game Monopoly, Greek designers created Constantinopoly, where players buy plots in Constantinople using Byzantine and Ottoman coins to build the city's famous monuments, while historical events such as the city's fall in 1453 influence the development of the game. The board game aims to spread knowledge of Greek culture and history in an innovative way.

Callas Holograms | Athens | November 11 & 12

The Hellenic Cosmos cultural center is showcasing an innovative project by Base Hologram which uses cutting-edge technology to recreate some of the finest moments in the career of legendary Greek soprano Maria Callas. The hologram screenings on November 11 and 12 are enhanced with live music from the Greek National Opera Orchestra.

Greek insurance market desperately lags OECD states

Greeks are particularly underinsured compared with other insurance systems in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The capitalization of the Greek private insurance system amounts to just 0.8 percent of the country's gross domestic product, against 140 percent in the OECD states.