‘Natives’ and ‘foreigners’

It would have been better if our political parties had been able to overcome their fears of postal and electronic votes, but the bipartisan agreement providing for Greeks abroad to vote in our elections is already a major achievement for our politics and society: for politics because it is one of the very few times we have seen broad consensus, and for our society because it is an act of unific

Cross-party committee reaches agreement on diaspora vote

A cross-party committee discussing ruling New Democracy's initiative to grant full voting rights to diaspora Greeks reached a consensus, Interior Minister  Takis Theodorikakos announced on Tuesday evening.

Lawmakers agreed that the vote will count towards the overall election result and that diaspora Greeks will be able to select among 15 (previously 12) candidates from a state list.

UK home to 75,000 Greeks

The United Kingdom is home to around 75,000 Greek nationals, according to research data compiled by the Greek Diaspora Project of South East European Studies at Oxford (SEESOX).

The study shows that, since 2010, when Greece's crippling financial began, there has been a steady increase in migration flows to Britain.

Respect for the diaspora

The members of the Greek diaspora are not asking too much. What they want is respect for their efforts and recognition of their contribution. They also want to see rules introduced that will enable them to help the homeland - something that they have been unable to do for all their good intentions.

Spring is coming: Greece’s relations with Hellenes abroad

Only two months needed to pass after Kyriakos Mitsotakis took over at the helm of Greece for the dynamics of its relationship with worldwide Hellenism to change. He proved, once again, that a "yes, we can" attitude gives us the power to deal with longtime problems - if the right leadership is in place.

Athens, 185 years later

Is Athens a successful city? Given everything such a simplistic definition entails, I would say that, yes, it is. I also believe that most Athenians would vote it as their top favorite if they were asked to, despite all its ills.