The Greens

Former environment minister forming new party

Ljubljana – Former Environment Minister Jure Leben is returning to politics to launch the Party of Green Action (Z.DEJ), whose founding congress will be held online on Saturday. In conceiving the manifesto, the main question was how to find a balance between industrial development and environment protection, he told the newspaper Delo.

New political movement emerges

Ljubljana – A new political movement called Povežimo Slovenijo (Unite Slovenia) has emerged. The initiative is wants to bring together a number of smaller, non-parliamentary parties, groups, local initiatives and individuals of various values and political stances to form a joint slate for the next general elections.

Former Bosnian Refugee to Become Austria’s New Justice Minister

A Bosnian-born woman who came to Austria as a child refugee will be Austria's new Justice Minister, it was confirmed on Thursday.

Thirty-five-year-old Alma Zadic, a lawyer and member of the Green Party, will also be the youngest Justice Minister in Austrian history and the first to come from an immigrant background.

Most parties against renationalising EU policies

A resolute no to bringing some policies back under the national umbrella comes from several non-parliamentary parties and lists, with Good State saying "No, we are against nationalist tendencies!". The Greens have a similar view, whereas the Let's Connect list even advocates a common green tax policy.

Latest CEC data: 5 Political Parties Will Enter Parliament

The Central Electoral Commission announces that according to the results from the processed 89.73% of the protocols from the section election commissions, the new Bulgarian parliament will consist of 5 political forces.

GERB won 32.58% of the votes.

Coalition "BSP for Bulgaria" - 26.82%.

Coalition "United Patriots - NFSB, attack and VMRO" - 9,17%.