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Former Bosnian Refugee to Become Austria’s New Justice Minister

A Bosnian-born woman who came to Austria as a child refugee will be Austria's new Justice Minister, it was confirmed on Thursday.

Thirty-five-year-old Alma Zadic, a lawyer and member of the Green Party, will also be the youngest Justice Minister in Austrian history and the first to come from an immigrant background.

Austria Holds Watershed Election Marked by Migrant Crisis

Austrians are voting in a general election in which the frontrunner, conservative People's Party (ÖVP) leader Sebastian Kurz, is just 31.

The far-right Freedom Party (FPÖ) and Social Democrats are competing for second place, opinion polls suggest.

The Social Democrats led the outgoing coalition with the ÖVP.

Far-Right Candidate Concedes Defeat in Austria's Presidential Election

Norbert Hofer the candidate of Austria's Freedom Party, is set to lose the presidential election rerun that is being held on Sunday, exit polls show.

His opponent Alexander Van der Bellen, a former head of the Green party, is leading, according to estimates cited by daily newspaper Die Presse.

Austria’s far right dangerously close to winning in presidential election showdown

The outcome of Austria’s presidential elections today will serve as a new gauge of the populist wave sweeping Western democracies, as a divided country’s decision at the voting booths could deliver the first freely elected far-right head of state in Europe since World War II.


Austria's Presidential Vote 'Too Close to Call'

The two candidates in Austria's presidential elections are running neck and neck in the second round of the vote held on Sunday.

Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) candidate Norbert Hofer and former Green Party leader Alexander van der Bellen are both supported by around 50% of voters, according to a public TV projection cited by daily Der Standard.

Van der Bellen: Western Balkans' EU outlook is certain

VIENNA - Alexander van der Bellen, who is contesting Austria's presidential elections as an independent Green, says that as head of state, he will work to support the Western Balkans on the road to the EU and calls on Austrians of Serbian origin to support him on the road to opening the country's economy to the world and to prosperity.

Greens: Environmental protection also brings investment

BELGRADE - The Greens of Serbia voiced concern over the lack of environmental policy in the expose of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, and noted that renewables are the only way toward Serbia's sustainable energy security, and that the establishment of an environment ministry would create 10,000 jobs and bring big investments.