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Contrasts make Istanbul more attractive to tourists

What makes Istanbul attractive to tourists are its contrasts, according to a seasoned guide. "There are few cities which harbor so much diversity," said Serhan Güngör to Hürriyet Daily News. "The social-cultural cleavages lead to dramatic differences which are very interesting for an outsider to watch and observe," according to Güngör.

Exchange of non-papers between Turkey and US aims to set political framework for post-US pullout: Diplomat

Turkey's response to a non-paper, delivered by a top White House aide during talks in Ankara on Jan. 8, mainly outlines how Ankara perceives Turkey's role in a deal reached between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and U.S. President Donald Trump regarding the post-U.S. pullout period, a Turkish diplomatic source has told Hürriyet Daily News.

'My election is a slap in the faces of conservative Americans,' says US' first Turkish mayor

Tayfun Selen is the first Turkish-origin mayor elected in the U.S., set to run a township in the state of New Jersey after being sworn in on Jan. 4. "My election is a slap in the faces of conservative, white Americans," the Republican has told Hürriyet Daily News.