EUR 1500 Fine in Greece if you Smoke in the Car

Greece's health ministry has asked the police to stigmatize punishment for citizens who smoke in their cars or in the presence of children.

The request was made on the basis of the Law on the banning of cigarette smoking in public places. The law provides for a fine of 1,500 euros for everybody who smokes in his private car and 3,000 euros for smoking in an official or state car.

Andre Calantzopoulos: 'A future without smoking can be a reality'

A future without smoking is possible, Philip Morris International CEO Andre Calantzopoulos tells Kathimerini in an interview in which he notes that "today we have the scientific and technological ability to offer smokers better alternatives that have the potential to reduce the harmful consequences of smoking."

France is Considering a Ban on Smoking in Movies

French cinema is full of images of stars such as Bridget Bardo and Gerard Depardio, who impress with a cool vision, reinforced by a cigarette in one hand. But that may change as the debate about whether smoking needs to be displayed on the big screen is again discussed in the country, The Local newspaper quoted by Expert.bg has reported.

The Number of People in Bulgaria Smoking in Bars and Restaurants is Increasing

While in Europe in recent years there has been a tendency of a gradual reduction in the number of smokers in restaurants and bars, there is more and more in our country, one of the reasons being that the ban is not applied seriously. This is what CBT Chief of Oncology in Sofia and former Health Minister Dr. Stefan Konstantinov and Ms.

Sex on the balcony during G20 Summit! (video)

When it comes to sexual fantasies and what turns someone on to is really a subjective matter. One person’s meat another’s poison, as the saying goes. Some couples like an indoors romantic setting with candles burning, soft music etc. But for the more outdoorsy types that just does’t cut it. They prefer the freedom and scent of nature.