Herbs with narcotic effects put in hookahs in Turkey: Association head

A number of herb types with narcotic effects are being put in hookahs, according to the head of the Turkish Thoracic Society. 

Speaking at the association's 20th congress, Prof. Ali Fuat Kalyoncu said tobacco is often being mixed with herbs such as opium when hookah is served. 

Turkish Health Ministry provides programs on quitting smoking to 82,000 applicants

Turkey's Health Ministry has provided some 82,000 people who called them to quit smoking with a plan to make them abandon the habit. 

Some 2,610,000 people have called Turkey's "ALO 171," a call center that was established by the ministry with the aim of helping people to quit smoking, and 82,000 of them were presented a plan. 

Slipping standards

An image can often help you realize a lot of things all at once. Having stopped recently at a traffic light, I noticed the bus beside me, where the driver was smoking a cigarette, tapping the ash every couple of drags onto the street from a small open window. It shouldn't have surprised me because I've often seen bus drivers smoking or talking on cell phones.

Laws without enforcement

The Health Ministry is on the right track with its latest circular instructing authorities to impose a fine of 1,500 euros on adults caught smoking or using electronic cigarettes in their cars when there are children in the vehicle. The notice also orders them to strip the drivers of their licenses.

However, the real issue is whether this measure will ever be implemented.

Every Fifth Teenager in Bulgaria is an Active Smoker

In Bulgaria, smoking is the cause of 13% of the diseases and causes 12% of death cases, according to a new study made by the World Health Organization, quoted by BTA.

More than 6 million people worldwide die from diseases caused by tobacco use. It is expected in 2030 to reach 10 million people and smoking to become the world's leading single cause of death.

Health Ministry to extend smoke-free zones in restaurants, cafes

Turkey will introduce a new smoking ban that will extend the smoke-free zones of restaurants to semi-closed parts of restaurants and cafes. 

Turkish Health Minister Recep Akdağ announced that they would introduce new regulations in 2017 to promote healthy life that will include steps against tobacco and tobacco products. 

Beloved Greek actor George Vasileiou dies at 67 (photos-videos)

Popular Greek actor George Vasileiou died on Wednesday morning, after battling with cancer for a long period. The 67-year-old actor, who had become a household name playing the role of a tough police officer in a long running successful TV series called “Lampsi”, was a heavy smoker and had come out about his health issues in September urging people to stop smoking.