Inns, mosaics found in Şanlıurfa

Archaeological surface survey and cleaning works in the ancient site of Kızılkoyun and the outskirts of a historic castle in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa's Haleplibahçe district have unearthed 133 inns and five mosaics. 

Rock tombs from the Roman and Edessa (Osrhoene) kingdoms have also been unearthed in the inns. 

Unique 4th Century Mosaics Discovered in Plovdiv's Large Basilica

Unique mosaics from the second half of the 4th century AD and frescoes from the 10th and 11th century were discovered by archaeologists during excavations of the Large Basilica on Maria Luisa Blvd in Plovdiv.

"The discovery exceeded all expectations," stated the head of the team Zheni Tankova.

A guardian of Syria's imperiled cultural heritage

Almost a decade has gone by since the first group of postgraduate students from the University of Damascus came under the guidance of Greek scientists from the European Center of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments (EKBMM) in Thessaloniki to study and document splendid mosaic floors from the Early Christian period at the Syrian capital's National Museum.

Byzantine church unearthed in Burdur to reveal unknown about Christianity

A rock church discovered in Burdur's ancient city of Kremna has excited researchers for providing information about unknown a previously Byzantine presence in the regionA six-gate rock church that is home to wall paintings featuring Christian icons has been unearthed in the southern province of Burdur's Bucak district. 

Turkish art of marbling opens to the world

The art of paper marbling has a special day of celebration all over the world thanks to artist Atilla Can, whose efforts led to marbling being added to the UNESCO listThe Turkish art of paper marbling, known as "ebru," was added to the United Nations' world cultural heritage list in 2014 as the first Turkish art recognized by UNESCO.