Haris Doukas

Mayor of Athens Doukas hints at candidacy for PASOK leadership

Mayor of Athens Haris Doukas hinted that he plans to run for the leadership of the Socialist PASOK party in a social media post on Thursday. 

In a Facebook post Doukas stated that PASOK can defeat the ruling New Democracy party, just as he did in the mayoral election in Athens, while repeating the phrase "let's go."

Doukas responds to Christodoulakis’ call: “Tomorrow is too late; let’s take action now”

Haris Doukas has responded to Manolis Christodoulakis’ call for cooperation with enthusiasm, expressing readiness to join forces immediately. In his post today, the Mayor of Athens affirmed their partnership, aiming to revive hope and unify efforts against ND, much like they successfully did in Athens.

Athens Municipality’s finances come under scrutiny by new administration

The Athens Municipality will be conducting an audit of the authority's finances following the discovery by the new administration of a significant shortfall in its coffers after assuming office nearly seven months ago.

The probe, which will be carried out by a team of chartered accountants and lawyers, was ordered by Athens Mayor Haris Doukas and approved by the Municipal Council.

PASOK must give voice to the party base

Those who argue that Haris Doukas is the person who can play a central role in the future of PASOK and the center-left justify their view by saying that "left-wing voters support him and right-wing voters are not afraid of him." In this interview with Kathimerini, the mayor of Athens lays out a comprehensive political framework for the regrouping of PASOK through what he describes as a "partici