Marmaris wildfire may be close to being contained: Minister

The arsonist who started the wildfires late on June 21 in the southwestern province of Muğla's Marmaris district was detained late on June 23 and arrested early June 24.

The 34-year-old Sacit Ayhan admitted that he started the fires after getting furious about a "commercial dispute inside the family."

Explosion near Moscow PHOTO / VIDEO

According to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, 60 tenants were evacuated from the building.
"Seven people were hit by the explosion, two of whom died," the ministry said in a statement.
A source from the ministry told TASS that a twelve-year-old boy was killed and that one child was injured.

California oil spill kills fish, damages wetlands

A large oil spill off the southern California coast left fish dead, birds mired in petroleum and wetlands contaminated, prompting local officials to call it an environmental catastrophe.

The U.S. Coast Guard, heading a clean-up response involving federal, state and city agencies, said on Sunday there was an around-the-clock investigation into how the spill occurred.

New fire overnight at Keratea – Flares fired into the forest

With the fire in Vilia not extinguished, another fire in Lavreotiki sounded the alarm in the early hours of Friday, but fortunately with a happy ending.

The fire reached a breath from a settlement that fortunately was not in danger, with the mayor of Lavreotiki reporting an arson after a flare.

Evacuation order via 112

Italy Ravaged by Wildfires, Record Heat in Sicily

High temperatures and dry weather assisted the spread of wildfires in Southern Europe with Italy being one of the worst hit. The wildfires advanced as far as the suburbs of the Italian capital Rome, Reuters elaborated. Local residents were evacuated from small communities around 40 km east of the ancient city.

Wildfires Cause Havoc – and Arguments – in Balkans

Balkan countries are battling wildfires that have claimed eight lives in Turkey and injured hundreds more, while one person died in Albania and a military officer been injured.

Fires have destroyed land, forests, houses and tourist accommodation in Greece and Turkey. Villages and neighbourhoods have been evacuated in Turkey, Greece and Albania.