New fire overnight at Keratea – Flares fired into the forest

With the fire in Vilia not extinguished, another fire in Lavreotiki sounded the alarm in the early hours of Friday, but fortunately with a happy ending.

The fire reached a breath from a settlement that fortunately was not in danger, with the mayor of Lavreotiki reporting an arson after a flare.

Evacuation order via 112

Italy Ravaged by Wildfires, Record Heat in Sicily

High temperatures and dry weather assisted the spread of wildfires in Southern Europe with Italy being one of the worst hit. The wildfires advanced as far as the suburbs of the Italian capital Rome, Reuters elaborated. Local residents were evacuated from small communities around 40 km east of the ancient city.

Wildfires Cause Havoc – and Arguments – in Balkans

Balkan countries are battling wildfires that have claimed eight lives in Turkey and injured hundreds more, while one person died in Albania and a military officer been injured.

Fires have destroyed land, forests, houses and tourist accommodation in Greece and Turkey. Villages and neighbourhoods have been evacuated in Turkey, Greece and Albania.

An innovative system will predict where a fire has broken out

An innovative system that can predict where a fire is expected to break out on Greek territory in the next 24 hours with a spatial analysis of up to 500 meters was created by researchers at the Beyond Earth Observation and Satellite Monitoring Center of the National Observatory of Athens.

Military put on standby to evacuate fire-threatened towns in western Canada

Ottawa prepared on July 2 to send military aircraft and other help to evacuate towns and fight more than 100 wildfires in western Canada fueled by a record-smashing heat wave.

According to wildfire officials, at least 152 fires were active in British Columbia, 89 of them sparked in the last two days. Most were caused by lightning strikes.

Serbia’s Arms Factory Stops Work After Explosion Wounds Workers

Serbia's state arms manufacturer, Sloboda, from Cacak, western Serbia, will not be working until further notice, it was decided on Saturday after an explosion injured three workers, it was confirmed to BIRN.

A town commission will determine the damage caused to nearby houses and other facilities after the explosion, the town administration told Beta news agency.