Upholding the law

Selective implementation of laws is one of Greece's chronic failings, creating inequalities and undermining aspirations for a law-abiding state.

The government's decision to finally implement a smoking ban in enclosed public spaces (one of the toughest laws in Europe) marks a significant step, not just for the obvious health reasons.

The World Health Organization declared an international health emergency FOTO/VIDEO

The situation had become critical when the virus had spread to the city of Goma, home to two million citizens. This city is situated on the border with Uganda, and Congo officials claim that a priest who used several false names brought the disease into the city.

Italian tourist dies of meningitis in Greek hospital

A 17-year-old Italian tourist died of meningitis in a hospital in Athens on Wednesday morning, according to the initial lab results conducted by the doctors.
A Greek Air Force aircraft transferred the woman from Naxos, where she was holidaying with her family, to the Nikea hospital on Tuesday, after she developed high fever and went into septic shock. She died at the hospital.

How Does Dirty Air in Sofia Affect Our Health?

"Air for health" will present the results of a one-year analysis that influences the dirty air in Sofia on the health of the people.

The air problem in the capital has been solving for years.

A day ago the Sofia City Court ordered the Metropolitan Municipality to wash streets twice a month and plan to build bicycle lanes.