WHO: Number of New Coronavirus Infections Globally Rose for First Time in Seven Weeks

World Health Organisation reports a worrying trend: the number of new cases of coronavirus around the world is increasing again, for the first time in seven weeks.

The organization's director general urged individual countries not to ease restrictions yet and warned that the virus would begin to spread with a vengeance if we let it.

Scientists: Obesity Blunts Effectiveness of Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine

The popular Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine against coronavirus might be a tad less effective on people suffering from obesity, a new study has revealed.

A group of Italian researchers have discovered that the healthcare workers who were injected with the Pfizer vaccine, and are obese were not able to produce as many antibodies as the other healthy healthcare workers.

Balkan Countries Must Get Serious on Science Diplomacy

Only five years later, the whole world was struck by a coronavirus pandemic - and countries were desperately struggling to secure vaccines for their populations.

Unfortunately, the EU did not understand the vaccine race and opted for a "no urgency" attitude. The UK, on the other hand, put a venture capitalist specializing in biosciences in charge of its vaccine program.

"I'm grateful to EU that this decision does not refer to Serbia and Western Balkans"

Asked to comment on the consideration of the ban on the export of vaccines from the EU and the fact that the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was vaccinated with a Chinese vaccine, and the question whether the EU is falling into chaos, Vui answered that it does not apply to Serbia.