Surging nerve system disorders now top cause of illness: study

Conditions affecting the nervous system — such as strokes, migraines and dementia — have surged past heart disease to become the leading cause of ill health worldwide, a major new analysis said on Friday.

More than 3.4 billion people — 43 percent of the global population — experienced a neurological condition in 2021, far more than had previously been thought, the analysis found.

Outpatient care system found lacking by study

Six in 10 patients say they don't feel their care plan is organized around all of their health and wellness needs, describing an outpatient care system that does not ensure continuity in care, according to the conclusions of the pilot phase of a study by the Health Services Organization and Evaluation Laboratory of the University of Athens in collaboration with the Organization for Quality Assu

Depersonalization | Athens | From November 13

The Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation ( is hosting an exhibition of photographs by Ioannis Armiriotis aimed at raising awareness about mental health issues. The images illustrate everyday struggles but are also intended to strengthen and encourage the voices of those suffering from mental health disorders. The opening is on November 13 at 6 p.m.

Study: Consistent Lack of Sleep linked to Future Depressive Symptoms

According to a new genetic study headed by UCL (University College London) experts, sleeping less than five hours per night may increase the risk of getting depressive symptoms.Historically, poor sleep has been seen as a side effect of mental ill health, but this study found that the link between sleep and mental illness is more complex.The study, published in the journal Translational Psychiat

Bulgaria Pays 3 times more Money for Medicines than the EU Average

The Chairman of the Bulgarian Medical Union, Dr. Ivan Madzharov, expresses his approval for the priorities announced by the new Minister of Health, Prof. Hristo Hinkov - to stop the uncontrolled growth of the healthcare network in the country and to reduce the co-payments made by patients.