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Ministry of Health extends free anti-flu vaccination for entire population

The Minister of Health, Vlad Voiculescu, has approved extending the annual anti-flu vaccination campaign for all population groups, without having an imposed prioritization of the risk groups. "It is necessary to continue the anti-flu vaccination during this pandemic period, to prevent sickness of any form is essential.

Bulgarian Immunologist: AstraZeneca Vaccine Efficacy Below 95 Percent

The vaccine works. For now, Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines do have effect. With the AstraZeneca vaccine, the adequate immune response is not 95%, but is lower, and some countries now have second thoughts about buying these vaccines. Bulgaria ordered most vaccines from AstraZeneca, said on BNT Prof.

J&J likely to seek EU approval for Covid-19 vaccine in February, says lawmaker

US firm Johnson & Johnson is likely to apply for EU approval for its Covid-19 vaccine candidate in February, a top lawmaker said on Wednesday.

Clinical data of the vaccine, which Johnson & Johnson is developing through its subsidiary Janssen, have been assessed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) since Dec. 1 under a rolling review to speed up possible approval.

Kon: We should not think this is over; It won't take long to get vaccinated VIDEO

"We will maintain these measures, we will not tighten them. Schools should start working, students should return to the benches or a combined teaching model should be applied. We must also keep the PCR test or the quarantine measure for those who do not have it," he said.
He believes that by respecting the measures during the holidays, we have avoided a new wave.

Djerlek: There are doctors who do not want to be vaccinated

"There are certain groups that opt for the vaccine and there is one small group that does not want to be vaccinated," Djerlek said.
Djerlek himself was vaccinated against coronavirus.
"I have no side effects. I call on all citizens to be vaccinated. Like all citizens, I had the option to choose a vaccine. I decided to get vaccinated with 'Sputnik V", Djerlek pointed out.