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Assoc. Prof. Alexander Oscar: More and More Patients are going Blind after Covid

Coronavirus in all its strains causes increased blood clotting, which damages the lungs and all organs in general. More and more patients are blinded by the virus, said to BTV the head of the Clinic of Ophthalmology at Alexandrovska Hospital, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Oscar.

BioNTech CEO: I think we will Need an Adapted Vaccine against COVID-19 because of Omicron

German biotech company BioNTech should be able to adapt its coronavirus vaccine relatively quickly in response to the Omicron variant, said its CEO Ugur Shahin, adding that despite the mutations, the vaccines must continue to protect people against serious illness.

No additional measures needed, says health minister


Turkey is closely following developments in the wake of the emergence of the new COVID-19 strain, Omicron, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca has said, adding that the current situation does not necessitate taking additional measures.

He recalled that Turkey immediately acted after the new variant was detected in the world and imposed travel bans on certain countries.

Minister renews calls for people to get vaccinated


Turkey is not presently considering imposing lockdowns or other stricter measures despite the emergence of the new COVID-19 strain, Omicron, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca has said, renewing calls for the public to get vaccinated and adhere to basic anti-virus rules, noting that millions of people are still not fully protected.

BioNTech is Already Working on Vaccine for the Covid Variant Omicron

BioNTech has begun work on a vaccine specifically for the new variant of the coronavirus Omicron, which was first identified in South Africa.

The development of an adapted vaccine is part of the standard procedure.

The first steps for a possible new vaccine are carried out in parallel with the assessment of whether one will be needed after the advent of Omicron.