Kazakhstan Confirmed the Deaths of 13 Soldiers in a Helicopter Crash

Kazakhstan has confirmed that 13 soldiers have died aboard a helicopter crash in the south, writes RIA Novosti.

The Mi-8 helicopter crashed in the Kuzlodrin district during a flight of four combat vehicles from the city of Aktau in the west of Kazakhstan to the town of Shumkent in the west.

Greek helicopters operate in East Med during exercise

The Greek Army has released photos taken during a Greek-Israeli military exercise. During the drill, which took place late October, four Apache helicopters and two Chinook transport helicopters flew from the Stefanovikeio airbase in the Greek region of Magnesia to Israel, before returning to Greece via Cyprus, the General Army Command (GES) said.

Over BGN 50 Million Needed for the Repair the Bulgarian Army's Helicopters

Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov has introduced the government with an estimate of the funds needed to repair the helicopters on the ground. According to the Minister of Defense for the restoration of the airworthiness of part of the available helicopter equipment of our aviation are needed only a little over BGN 50 million is needed.

Bulgarian Army Helicopter Crashes, Killing Two Pilots

A Mi-17 military transportation helicopter crashed on Monday evening near Krumovo air force base close to Plovdiv in central Bulgaria, killing both pilots, Captain Plamen Panteleev, 48, and Captain Stoyan Nedelchev, 45.

A third person on board, engineering officer Alexei Kamenov, survived the crash and was severely injured, but managed to crawl out of the wreck.