Hellenic Army

New Greek Army chief leaves hospital

The newly appointed Chief of the Army General Staff, Lieutenant-Genral Georgios Kambas has been discharged from hospital, a day after he was admitted with an unspecified illness.

Lt.Gen. Kambas, "following an insignificant, non-serious illness was discharged from hospital and has assumed his duties this morning," an Army General Staff statement said.

Turkish F-16s harass Chinook carrying Greek army chief

In the latest in a series of Turkish transgressions on Thursday, two Turkish F-16s harassed a Chinook helicopter that had been carrying the head of the Hellenic Army, Lieutenant General Alkiviadis Stefanis, along with other senior military officials.

The Chinook had been carrying the officers from the small island of Ro to Rhodes when the violation took place.

Greek army chief says country's forces react with prudence to Turkish provocations

Greek armed forces tackle Turkish provocations prudently while offering this country a reliable prevention force, the chief of the Hellenic Armed Forces General Staff, Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis told the Delphi Economic Forum on Thursday.

Amazing footage of live fire exercise of the Greek Army! (VIDEO)

The Hellenic Army released a video of just one of its military activities.

The live fire exercise was conducted in the Aegean island of Kos.

The Hellenic Armed Forces never miss a chance to sent the appropriate “messages” to all directions, that regardless of any economic crisis, some people are ready, if the time comes.

The artillery units of the Hellenic Army in action! (AMAZING PHOTOS)

The artillery units of the Hellenic Army trained as usual giving once again a spectacular insight of their way of doing business. Whether it’s day or night, what needs to be done will be done…
The Army General Staff released the following photos of exercises that took place in islands of the Aegean Sea…


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Second batch of 3 ex-US Army CH-47SD helicopters arrived to Greece (PHOTOS)


The Hellenic Army received on Tuesday the second batch of 3 ex-US Army CH-47SD helicopters. The fleet has now expanded to 21 Chinooks, while four more are to be delivered. There is an option for five more, but it is unclear so far if or when it will be activated.