Hellenic Navy

NATO Admiral Thomas Wall wraps up visit in Salamis

NATO Submarine Commander Rear Admiral Thomas Wall wrapped up a visit to Greece on Friday.

During his stay he met the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ioannis Drymousis. Wall visited the Fleet Headquarters at the Salamis Naval Station and discussed issues of cooperation and participation of Greek submarines in NATO missions.

Greece to receive first batch of torpedoes for Papanikolis-class submarines in December

Greece is anticipating the delivery of the initial batch of heavyweight torpedoes for its Papanikolis-class Type 214 submarines, which are considered the most technologically advanced vessels in the Hellenic Navy. The delivery is expected to take place in December, following a delay of 12 years.

Arms committee approves upgrade of MEKO frigates

Parliament's Arms Committee has approved the activation of the mid-life upgrade (MLU) program for the Hellenic Navy's four MEKO frigates.

It was approved Friday by a committee majority with ruling New Democracy, PASOK and Greek Solution voting in favor, while the representative of SYRIZA, who was not present in the Parliament, expressed the party's positive view.