Hemus motorway

A Gas-Powered Car Ignited in the "Vitinya" Tunnel, There Is an Injured

One person was injured when a gas-powered vehicle caught on fire and quickly filled with smoke. This was announced by the Ministry of Interior. The incident took place in the "Vitinya" tunnel on Hemus Motorway. The traffic through the tunnel is currently limited. Cars are redirected to the old road.

Police, Fire and Emergency Assistance teams are on the site.

Expect details!

Taken Driving License and Hefty Fine for Driving in the Opposite Side of the Hemus Highway

A driver is without a license for 3-month and owes 1 000 leva for driving at the opposite of the Hemus highway. He appealed the punishment to the Shumen district court, but the magistrates confirmed the sanction set by the traffic police.

Echemishka Tunnel on Hemus Motorway Closed to Traffic due to a Training Exercise

A large-scale training exercise of the Ministry of the Interior and the Road Agency takes place on Hemus Motorway on July 10. The traffic through "Echemmiska" tunnel towards Varna is temporarily closed for simulation of a multiple-vehilcle accident with many wounded.

Bulgarian PM Borisov Inspected Construction of Section of Hemus Motorway

Yesterday Prime Minister Boyko Boriassov inspected the construction of the Buhovtsi - Belokopitovo section of the Hemus Motorway, Focus Radio - Shumen reported. He was accompanied by ministers Tomislav Donchev and Vladislav Goranov and Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Nikolay Nankov.

Heavy Traffic on Trakia Motorway

According to Traffic Police, there is heavy traffic on the Trakia motorway, the Ministry of Interior said, quoted by NOVA TV. 
They added  that all cars were in the active lane and that in some areas of ongoing repairs drivers could also use the emergency lane in the direction of Sofia in accordance with the signs.