Military starts production of antiseptic from seized ethanol

Greece's armed forces have started producing antiseptic from quantities of ethanol, the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (GEETHA) has said. 

More than 150 ton of ethanol seized from illicit manufacturers of bootleg alcohol is believed to be in storage at customs warehouses across the country.

Turkey removes tariffs on ethyl alcohol imports

Turkey removed tariffs on ethyl alcohol imports amid coronavirus pandemic, announcing the decision in the Official Gazette on March 25.

The move aims to support production of disinfectant and cologne, traditional ethanol-based scented disinfectant in Turkey.

The tariff on bulk ethyl alcohol imports was 10 percent.

Bulgarian Minister of Health Bans The Export of Quinine-Based Medicines

The Minister of Health issued an order banning the export of quinine-based medicines until a second order. The aim is to meet the needs of the Bulgarian market in connection with the WHO declared pandemic and the complicated epidemic situation related to the spread of COVID-19 on the territory of Bulgaria.

Nurofen Manufacturer: We are not Aware of any Evidence that Ibuprofen Adversely Impacts the Outcome in Patients Suffering from COVID-19 Infection

The manufacturer of one of the most popular anti-inflammatory drug Nurofen - Reckitt Benckiser (RB), has come out with a statement on the French health minister's claim that he has doubts about its negative impact on patients with coronavirus.

Not Fake News: Ibuprofen and Cortisone may Worsen your Condition if you are Infected with COVID-19 - UPDATED

Health officials are warning that over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs may make coronavirus worse.

French health minister  Olivier Véran, a qualified doctor and neurologist, is urging people to opt for paracetamol instead of ibuprofen to stay safe.


A Woman Infected with the Coronavirus Cured with a Drug Cocktail against HIV

A Chinese citizen infected with the new coronavirus showed a dramatic improvement after she was treated with a cocktail of anti-virals used to treat flu and HIV, Thailand's Health Ministry said Sunday.

The 71-year-old patient tested negative for the virus 48 hours after Thai doctors administered the combination, it became clear at a daily briefing at the ministry.