Two arrested in Thessaloniki drug bust

Two men have been arrested in the northern port city of Thessaloniki on drug-related charges, as a third suspect was identified and being sought.

According to a police announcement on Tuesday, the suspects, aged 26 and 51 respectively, are thought to be responsible for keeping, distributing and dealing drugs for a gang headed by the third man.  

Bulgaria: Fentanyl has Claimed the Lives of 10 People in Just One Week in Varna

In just one week, 10 people died in Varna after using heroin, to which the hundred times more powerful synthetic fentanyl was added. The data is unofficial and was reported to Bulgarian media "Dnevnik" by two independent addiction treatment centers - "Just today" and "Change is life".

Two people arrested for transporting heroin in Thessaloniki

Police officers in northern Greece arrested two people from drug trafficking on Tuesday night after discovering more than 12 kilos of heroin in their car.

The suspects, a 33-year-old foreign national, believed to be a leading member of a bigger drug ring, and a 27-year-old Greek woman, believed to be a member of the gang, where stopped at the Malgara toll station, near Thessaloniki. 

Drug lord sought with red notice nabbed in Istanbul

A drug smuggler wanted by Interpol with a red notice, Urfi Çetinkaya, has been detained in a villa in Istanbul's Sarıyer district along with five other people.

Istanbul police's anti-terror unit raided the villa with the support of special operations team on late April 11. He was then taken to the police station after a health check.

An unexpected visit

Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou participated in the action of the Streetwork group of the Organization Against Drugs (OKANA) in central Athens on Monday. The team distributed safer use kits to drug users on the street as well as a Covid-19 personal protection kit, a snack and clothing.