High-yield debt

Bonds to woo big investors

The door is now wide open for the entry of quality and long-term investors, who manage trillions of dollars, into the Greek bonds market: Bloomberg Index Services, a global provider of government bond indices, has become the first to include Greek bonds among the elite of the debt markets, announcing that 17 Greek bonds worth 73 billion euros are to be included in its index series as of January

Greece months away from investment-grade rating, central banker tells FT

Greece is close to regaining its investment-grade credit rating in 2023, after 12 years of relegation to junk status, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday.

"We think that 2023 is the year will get the investment grade," Greek central bank chief Yannis Stournaras said in an interview with the paper, urging the country's next government to maintain fiscal prudence.