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Prof. Ilko Getov: Bulgarians will have Access to Anti-Covid Drugs in Tablet Form

Breakthrough in drugs against COVID-19 by oral administration, in tablet form. At this stage we have two such molecules - one is molnupiravir, the other ritonavir. This was commented in "The day begins" Prof. Ilko Getov, Bulgarian representative in the European Medicines Agency.

Clinical trials have been conducted that show the drugs have excellent efficacy, he said.

Pfizer has Announced a Promising Treatment with Pills against COVID-19

Tests of experimental antiviral treatment against COVID-19 by the American company "Pfizer" (Pfizer) in the form of a pill have proved so promising that they have been shortened. The reason is that it reduced by 89% the risk of hospitalization or death in adults at risk of developing a severe form of the disease.

Pfizer starts Testing Covid Prevention Pill

Pfizer announced today it has started a mid-to-late-stage study testing its oral antiviral drug for the prevention of Covid-19 infection among those who have been exposed to the virus, news wires reported. The company and its rivals, such as US-based Merck and Swiss Roche, have been racing to develop the first antiviral pill for Covid-19.

A Woman Infected with the Coronavirus Cured with a Drug Cocktail against HIV

A Chinese citizen infected with the new coronavirus showed a dramatic improvement after she was treated with a cocktail of anti-virals used to treat flu and HIV, Thailand's Health Ministry said Sunday.

The 71-year-old patient tested negative for the virus 48 hours after Thai doctors administered the combination, it became clear at a daily briefing at the ministry.