Van Museum awaits visitors after reopening

The Van Museum, built within the scope of the "centers of attraction support program," carried out by the Industry and Technology Ministry in the eastern province of Van, attracts the attention of visitors with 45,000 artifacts dating back to many civilizations as well as the Urartians and animation sections related to historical periods.

Human development and the planet at a crossroad: Op-ed

Viruses can jump from animal to human and around the world in a heartbeat. Factory emissions can contribute to wildfires a hemisphere away. Plastic dropped on a city street can clog waterways and threaten sea life on a distant shore. A flood in one rural region of Anatolia can affect the food supplies or prices in the megacity of Istanbul the other day.

Addressing the challenges of the age-old craft of jewelry making

Few man-made creations convey a sense of perpetuity as much as jewelry. Earlier this month, the Athens Silver & Goldsmiths Association organized a tour of the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, which holds one of the most important collections of ancient Greek jewelry in the world.