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Greek actor in sex orgy scenes on Netflix series (warning: explicit videos)

Greek actor Gerasimos Skiadaresis plays the role of a Catholic Cardinal and participates in some explicit sex scenes with young girls in a Netflix TV series called “Subbura” which deals with the Vatican sex scandals. The Greek, play Cardinal Theodosius, can be seen in orgies with girls while in other scenes he can be seen performing self-flagellation and taking hard drugs.

Vatican Recalls Washington Diplomat Amid Child Pornography Investigation

The Vatican on Friday said it has recalled one of its diplomats from Washington after the U.S. State Department said the priest may have violated child pornography laws, Reuters reports.

Prosecutors in the Vatican have opened an investigation into the case and the priest has already returned to Vatican City, a statement said.

Croatian Activists Demand End to Church Concordats

Secular campaigners are organising a protest in Zagreb on Saturday, demanding abolition of Croatia's concordats with the Holy See, claiming they incur massive financial obligations and breach secular principles.

The Movement for Secular Croatia - an informal network of atheist, agnostic and secular NGOs and individuals, have called the protest 'Termination 4".

Use 'weapons of love' to fight evil of terrorism, pope says on Easter

Pope Francis urged the world in his Easter message on March 27 to use the "weapons of love" to combat the evil of "blind and brutal violence," following the attacks in Brussels. 

After a week of somber religious events commemorating Jesus' death, Francis said an Easter Sunday Mass under tight security for tens of thousands of people in a sun-drenched St. Peter's Square.