Lipica stud farm doubled revenue last year

Lipica – The Lipica stud farm saw a total of 45,000 visitors last year, with the share of domestic quests significantly increasing compared to previous years owing to the Covid-19 epidemic. Revenue doubled compared to 2020, and plans for this year are even bolder, says the operator of one of the country’s main tourist attractions.

Horseback archery: Malaysians take a shot at ancient pastime

Riding a galloping horse under the blazing sun, Malaysian archer Zaharudin Rastam Yeop Mahidin fires an arrow at a target as a crowd cheers.

This is horseback archery, which was common for thousands of years in hunting and warfare but declined with the introduction of firearms and other modern combat gear.

‘Cowboys of Istanbul’ meet every week in cafe

The Turkish Western Society, established three years ago, has been organizing "Western movie nights" every Friday with members who call themselves "the Cowboys of Istanbul" and dress like cowboys, gathering in a cafe in the Samatya neighborhood.

The founder of the society is Hasan Karcı, a 69-year-old director of 40 movies.