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UK Government Mulls Full Closure of Country’s Borders

The full closure of the UK's borders has been "considered" by the government amid concerns about new COVID variants being imported from abroad, a minister has revealed.

This week, the government closed all UK travel corridors - which had allowed arrivals from some countries to avoid having to quarantine - until at least 15 February.

Stalin Square?

The lockdown restrictions in place combined with the Christmas break offer a rare opportunity for some reading. I recently finished a great book on the Yalta Conference before picking up a biography of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

UK minister quits over Cummings lockdown trip

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government was hit by its first resignation on May 26 over the controversy surrounding top aide Dominic Cummings' cross-country trip during the coronavirus lockdown.    

Undermining attempts by ministers to try and move on from the crisis which has dominated British politics for days, Douglas Ross, a minister for Scotland, quit in protest.