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Tony Blair Denies Involvement in Kosovo Project

After Hashim Thaci announced that he had a meeting with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair earlier last week, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change said on Tuesday that Blair met the Kosovo President in a personal capacity. 

"Mr. Blair has known President Thaci for a long time and met him in a personal capacity," the Tony Blair Institute told BIRN in a written response. 

The Guardian: May's Brexit Deal is Already Doomed. Here's How the Christmas Meltdown Could Play Out

 It was a funeral masquerading as a baptism. In Brussels, Theresa May's Brexit deal was welcomed into the world by the UK's 27 soon-to-be-ex-partners and the priesthood of the European commission, The Guardian reported .

UK's Labour party ponders supporting new Brexit referendum

LONDON (AP) — Britain's Labour Party opened its annual conference on Sunday facing a huge choice — whether to change policy and call for a new referendum that could halt the country's departure from the European Union.

The support of the main opposition party would be a major boost to campaigners for a second vote on Brexit.