Household chemicals

Dangerous Coronavirus Scam

Taking advantage of people's fears about the passing epidemic of the new coronavirus, online retailers are offering rubbing alcohol instead of disinfectant and this could endanger the health of consumers. 

The dangerous practice was established by an inspection of the law enforcement agencies and will be banned

Anti-mosquito measures advised

The Athens Medical Association (ISA) is urging the public to take all necessary precautions in view of the spread of West Nile virus.
In a statement Friday, ISA advised people to spray insect repellent on their skin and clothing, and to use mosquito nets, fans or air conditioners and yellow bug lights.

German Police have Arrested the Suspect for the Baby Food Poisoning

German police have detained the suspect for poisoning baby food. His name is not mentioned. According to a spokesman for the police, the man is from the Tubingen region and looks very much like the man from the photo of the alleged blackmailer, the BNR said, citing the local media.

The German Food Poisoner has at Least One Accomplice

The extortionist who put poison in food and wants EUR 10 million from big trading chains in Germany to stop this activity has at least one accomplice. The police believe that jars of poisoned baby purees are found in several branches of non-Friedrichshafen shops (five poisoned children's purees were originally found in this town).

Bulgarian Parliament Passes Tougher Driving Under Influence Penalties

Bulgaria's Parliament adopted at first reading amendments to the Criminal Code, for increased penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Wednesday.

The amendments were introduced by the center-right opposition GERB party and were voted in favor by 101 Mps, 3 were "against" and 46 abstained.