Housing in the United Kingdom

With More Than 11% More Residential Buildings Were Put Into Operation by March

According to preliminary data of the National Statistical Institute in the first quarter of 2019 the number of newly built residential buildings was 635 and the newly built dwellings in them were 2 453, reported the National Statistical Institute (NSI).

Real Estate Prices Are Increasing

Nowadays real estate prices are increasing steadily ... Is the new home becoming a more distant dream? comments Bulgaria On Air TV show together with Nevena Stoyanova, a partner in a real estate agency, Snezhana Stoycheva, the manager of imoti.net and the singer Nora Karaivanova.

Buying or renting a new home is accompanied by a lot of stress and ... money.

UK fire fears continue as 60 buildings deemed unsafe

The fallout from London's devastating tower block blaze has continued with the government announcing 60 high-rises have failed safety tests, as an insurance body said they had warned officials of the fire risks.

The massive operation to test tower blocks follows the Grenfell Tower inferno earlier this month that is presumed to have killed 79 people after it spread at shocking speed.