English Translation of 'The Case of Cem': Celebrating Bulgarian Vera Mutafchieva's 95th Birthday

In a tribute to Vera Mutafchieva's literary brilliance and cultural impact, Sofia hosted an event marking the 95th anniversary of her birth. Organized by the National Donor Fund "13 Centuries Bulgaria" (NEF), the gathering unveiled the English translation of Mutafchieva's renowned novel, "The Case of Cem".

Bulgarian Legend Hristo Stoichkov Joins Elite Ranks of Football's 100 Greatest

Bulgarian football legend Hristo Stoichkov has received yet another prestigious accolade, solidifying his status as one of the sport's all-time greats. The British publication Daily Mail has honored Stoichkov by ranking him 43rd among the 100 greatest football players in history.

Hristo Shopov's Lawyer Counters Weapon Accusations in Neighbor Altercation

The lawyer of Bulgarian actor Hristo Shopov, embroiled in a neighbor scandal, has refuted claims that he carried a weapon during the altercation. Ina Lulcheva, Shopov's legal representative, clarified that while he owned a legal firearm at home, there was no evidence he used it during the dispute with his neighbor, Patricia.

Court Releases Actor Hristo Shopov: No Evidence of Firearm Threat Found

In a recent development, the Sofia District Court has decided to release actor Hristo Shopov from arrest, implementing a "signature" measure in lieu of detention. Shopov had been accused of threatening to kill a woman on February 23, prompting legal proceedings against him.

Famous Bulgarian Actor Arrested for Assaulting a Woman Who is a Foreigner (UPDATED)

Bulgarian actor Hristo Shopov was arrested last night for attacking a young woman with a gun, threatening to kill her and beating her, according to the victim who first wrote to Novinite early in the morning. There is video evidence on which his gun is visible and it can be heard how he says clearly "I will kill you".

Bulgarian Minister of Health Calls for Action Against Doctors in Pirogov Hospital Scandal

"I anticipate the revocation of medical licenses and urge the Bulgarian Medical Association to intervene in the case of the recording from 'Pirogov,' where emergency room physicians are heard issuing threats against Danae's relatives", stated Minister of Health, Professor Hristo Hinkov in BTV studio.

Sofia's Lukov March Disrupted Over Fascist Allegations: Mayor Steps In

Amidst a growing controversy, the anticipated Lukov March procession in Sofia has been abruptly halted by order of the city's mayor, Vasil Terziev. Despite initial attempts by organizers to proceed with the event, a directive from municipal authorities effectively put an end to the planned commemoration.

Bulgarian Community in Odesa Honors Hristo Botev's Legacy on 176th Anniversary

Representatives of the Bulgarian community in Odesa gathered to commemorate the 176th birth anniversary of poet and revolutionary Hristo Botev with a tribute event organized by the All-Ukrainian Centre for Bulgarian Culture and the local Bulgarian Society.