FCC Chairman Ajit Pai about Huawei - When it Comes to 5G and America's Security, we Can't Afford to Take the Risk

The US regulatory body has proposed rules to block the purchase by telecommunications companies of equipment from Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE and remove any of their equipment that is already available.

The Federal Communications Commission said the rules - which will be voted on November 19 - are part of an initiative to "protect the country's communications networks".

6G Network Up to 10 Years?

Sixth generation 6G telecommunications technologies may become available in the next 10 years. This was stated today by the founder and CEO of Huawei Ren Zhengfei in an interview with Kyodo.

"We have started research on the 6G network and in my opinion within 10 years it can be made available for practical use", he said.

Handelsblatt: Merkel Will Allow Huawei to Supply Components for the Entire German 5G Network

The German government has decided to allow Chinese technology giant Huawei to supply components for the entire German 5G network, business daily Handelsblatt reported today, citing informed sources.

The decision, taken after months of debate, is expected to be announced in the coming days.

Huawei Accused the US of Cyberattacks and Threats against Its Employees

Chinese technology giant Huawei has accused US authorities of trying to force its employees to gather information about the company and break into its information systems, the Associated Press reported.

The company, which has been accused by Washington of threatening the national security, said that top US officials used "unscrupulous measures" to disrupt its business.

China's Top 500 Companies Report a Profit of $11Trillion Dollars in 2018

On Sunday, China unveiled a list of its 500 largest companies for 2019, with better results and steady growth.

The new listing, based on company earnings for 2018, was jointly published by the Chinese Confederation of Enterprises and the Chinese Association of Directors of Enterprises.