"Many Serbian companies moved part of production to China"

And this has proven to be "a very good commercial move."

Mihailo Vesovic, an adviser to the president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, said this, and added that Chinese companies will support Serbian firms when they digitize part of their production or move over completely to "industry 4.0, digitization."

What to Expect From the 5G Technology. Is it on Its Way to Bulgaria?

The new technology is the network of the future. What will exactly offer?
One key goal of 5G is to dramatically improve quality of service, and extend that quality over a broader geographic area, in order for the wireless industry to remain competitive against the onset of gigabit fiber service coupled with Wi-Fi.

Huawei is Working on its Own Voice Assistant to Rival Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Huawei is working on its own voice assistant that works outside of China, potentially pitting it against software produced by Google and Amazon, according to CNBC.

In China, Huawei has its own voice assistant called Xiaoyi which operates in its smart speaker called the AI Cube and its smartphones. But it is only for the Chinese market.