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Golden Visa issuing advice provided by webinar

The Center for European Constitutional Law (CECL) is organizing a webinar on Tuesday, in Greek, titled: "Practical Matters in Issuing Golden Visas."

Running 4-9 p.m., the online seminar is addressed to lawyers, real estate agency workers and employees at state entities that are responsible for issuing Golden Visas.

Government to grant up to 30pct of gross salary to companies that employ jobseekers

The government will grant up to 30pct of the gross salary to companies that will hire people looking for work, Prime minister Ludovic Orban announced on Wednesday evening. "We will give up to 30pct of the gross salary to companies that will hire jobseekers, that will provide jobs to Romanian citizens who are looking for a job, for a period of at least three months.

We haven't discussed penalties, Kawasaki syndrome is triggered by the infections

"Today's workload is 100 cases, the largest part refers to Vranje in one work organization. 39 of them are direct, family contacts with people who became infected in the company," she told B92 television.
According to her, the case of Vranje showed how the coronavirus spreads quickly if protective equipment is not used and the rules are not followed.

Half a billion lost in 15 days

Half a billion euros was lost in just 15 days in the second half of March by businesses that were forced to shut due to the measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus - and that amount only concerns companies with double-entry books that offer data on a monthly basis.