Human activities

Speed limits on highways increase on July 1

The increase of speed limits by 10 to 20 kilometers per hour on highways across the country will start as of July 1.

The speed limits on some highways will be increased from 120 to 130 kph and from 120 to 140 kph on other roads. The speed limit will be 140 kph for the highways whose construction works are ongoing and will open to service in the future.

Gambling Industry: Prospects and Future Trends

The gambling industry develops and proliferates, having a rather promising future. The main factors that influence the progress acceleration are digitalization and the emergence of new technologies. 

In addition, the gambling industry gradually shifts to casino games online aiming to attract more players, and actively provide recent trends to prevail in a competitive market. 

Owners in Bulgaria have Earned BGN 14 Million in Income from Properties Rented through Airbnb

More than BGN 14 million in rental income has been received by Bulgarians, real estate owners, who provide short-term accommodation for tourists through Airbnb, the National Revenue Agency (NRA) announced. The data refer to the second half of 2021 and have been submitted to the revenue agency by Airbnb, and the NRA expects information from as well.