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‘Hey, boy’ Takes Pride in Women’s Androgynous Look

She says people often tell her that short hair, T-shirts, shirts, sneakers and tattoos are not something that girls usually wear.

Martina. Photo: Kristijan Vuckovic.

"Our society is deeply rooted in stereotypes about what a woman should look like, and everything out of these frames is strange, unusual, confusing," she says.

Why do beautiful women pick ugly men?

A handsome husband can be bad for women’s health by triggering dangerous dieting, according to new research. Yet unsurprisingly the same does not apply to men. Even if their wife is a stunner, they feel no pressure to look after themselves. The findings show a partner’s looks can be a driving force behind the desire to seek a slim body – but only for women.

Cindy Crawford and her 16-year-old daughter look like twins! (photos)

Cindy Crawford, 51, and her clone daughter Kaia Gerber, 16, are both ultra-beautiful, and, despite their 35-year age gap, they’re near replicas. While Kaia certainly looked like her mom when she was little, the older she gets, the more the teen’s proven to be her mom’s doppelgänger!

Bikini Coffee Shop: The coffee isn’t the only thing that’ll perk you up at this cafe (15+1 HOT PHOTOS)

A coffee shop has a bikini dress code that the female boss claims is “empowering” but a city councilman has argued exploits women.

The uniform sees the women don bikinis or underwear, with some choosing to simply have colorful stickers over their nipples, as they serve coffee from a stand in Washington.

Super-sexy Khloe Terae & Kennedy Summers can make even the drinking water look sexy! (Sizzling PHOTOS)

It’s still summer and its hot and so are Khloe Terae and Kennedy Summers.

And when everything is so hot, it is wise for everyone to drink some water.

We guess that this is the concept behind these sexy models’ photo-shoot for the advertisement of a 138 Water.

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Hot Greek model Christina Stefanidi comes straight out of the realm of dreams! (SEXY VIDEO-PHOTOS)

The world of internet and social media is full of sexy women from every corner of the world that have many-many thousands of followers for…obvious reasons.

Some of these hot chicks are Greek and today we will honor one of them:

The sexy model Christina Stefanidi has made with her racy pictures a lot of men dream about her and indeed for good reasons…

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