Human behavior

A huge cycle is closing

Have you heard the news? The Greek Civil War ended 74 years ago. The 1965 events of the "July apostates" happened 58 years ago. The Polytechnic Uprising was 50 years ago. These are all historical events of great importance, fascinating for both historians as well as the casual or regular reader of history books.

A deep current surfaces

Undetected by our political radar, the meteorite "Democratic Patriotic Movement Victory" crashed onto Parliament's doorstep in Sunday's elections. And even then, it was as if no one could believe what the charts were showing in TV panel discussions. There was hardly any mention of the newly established party.

Accomplices to Crime? North Macedonia’s Domestic Violence Victims Feel Betrayed by Institutions

Almost half of the victims said they reported the violence they suffered to the police. Of the 27 women who shared their experiences in the questionnaire, 44 per cent said the instructions they received from competent institutions after reporting were unclear. A larger percentage of respondents, over 56 per cent, complained about the Centres for Social Work.

Second-term complacency a self-fulfilling prophecy

Every government that has made it to a second term has found itself sinking into a mire of inertia and ineffectiveness. Some also descended into corruption. What we have learned from these examples is that over-familiarity with power can lead to abuses in how it is exercised and that this has a paralytic effect on the entire government's operation.

Brnabić: "Starting from tomorrow, electronic reporting of violence against children"

At the session of the National Assembly, MPs considered the Report on the security situation that arose after the mass murders in the Elementary School "Vladislav Ribnikar" and in the area of Smederevo and Mladenovac, which was submitted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.