Human behavior

Magic Festival | Athens | October 25-27

Magicians and illusionists from glittery Las Vegas will be displaying their reality-defying skills - including making a helicopter disappear - at the Galatsi Olympic Arena from October 25 to 27. Some of the stellar names on the roster include celebrated illusionist Julius Frack, 29-year-old daredevil Maxim Maurice and hilarious mime Charlie Frye.

Political reluctance

The opening on Thursday of Greece's first crematorium in Ritsona on the island of Evia serves as an example of the sometimes backward state of the country. 

In Greece, a funerary custom which is anything but a novelty for most European countries became tangled up in a web of dogmatic beliefs that held it hostage to political reluctance for decades. 

Greece’s first crematorium opens on island of Evia

Fifteen years after cremations were legalized in Greece, the country's first such facility has opened in Ritsona on the island of Evia, and has already carried out 15 cremations.

Licensed in the summer of 2018 and inaugurated on September 30, the private venture is 70 percent owned by Crem Services SA. The nongovernmental Greek Cremation Society (GCS) holds a 30 percent stake.