Human behavior

Trust trumps fear

When the coronavirus emergency is over, the extent to which life will have changed will depend on the length of the disruption, the number of lives it took and the way each country and transnational organization dealt with the crisis.

The day after will depend on the level of trust that exists between citizen and state, between countries.

Greek Church leader requests exemption to coronavirus curfew

Greek Archbishop Ieronymos requested an exemption from coronavirus curfew measures in a letter to the Education and Religion Minister Niki Kerameus on Thursday, asking to carry on liturgies on a normal schedule, behind closed doors.

The request comes as a joint ministerial decision suspending all religious services expires on March 30.

University students to have online classes in event of sit-ins

The closure of universities as part of the first round of restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus earlier this month has prompted some Greek students to vote in favor of online classes in the event that faculties are forced to close again, for instance if minority groups decide to hold sit-ins.

Society is more mature

We have acquired a certain amount of know-how in crisis management and the memory of what can happen when we take leave of our senses en masse and succumb to emotion is all too raw.

The new challenge of the coronavirus finds the state and the Greeks better armed, more mature.