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Vučić at the commemoration of Operation "Storm": "We'll never be silent again" PHOTO

Tonight, Novi Sad was in memory of the victims of the biggest ethnic cleansing after the Second World War, and the sympathy of all who came to support the victims of persecution and pay their respects to those who died and went missing during "the biggest ethnic cleansing on European soil after WWII", the biggest crime against the Serbian people in recent history.

Police investigating murder-suicide near Celje

Celje – Celje police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide that took place in the Šentjur area in eastern Slovenia on Monday. Initial findings indicate that a 61-year-old man shot his 64-year-old partner and then shot himself, Milan Vogrinec, chief Celje criminal investigator, told the press on Tuesday.

Bulgaria: In One Day, Police caught 26 Drivers with Alcohol and 14 with Drugs in their Blood

On the fifth day of the specialized police operation, 26 drivers were caught behind the wheel after drinking alcohol - 17 of them drove after drinking alcohol from 0.5 to 1.2 per thousand, and nine - with more than 1.2 per thousand.14 drivers were caught driving under the influence of narcotic substances or their analogs, the Ministry of the Interior reports.