Human behavior

Stricter rules for demos and rallies in cities

Seeking to put an end to mass disruptions in the Greek capital and other large cities whenever a march or demonstration is held with a small number of participants, the government has drafted legislation that will be tabled to Parliament imminently. The draft bill also aims to protect cities from violence caused by groups gatecrashing otherwise peaceful rallies.

Powder keg schools

Will anything change at the First High School of Vyronas in eastern Athens after a 17-year-old boy was viciously assaulted by six fellow students while defending his sister from bullies on the afternoon of February 10? The teenager ended up in hospital for taking a stand and demanding an explanation from the other boys as to why they were picking on his younger sister.

Editorial: School violence

Experts say that every society has the level of violence that it merits - neither more nor less.

From that perspective something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

One cannot otherwise explain the almost daily incidents of extreme violence that occur in schools and elsewhere nor the indifference with which they are often met.

Kerameus condemns school attack, case opened

Education Minister Niki Kerameus yesterday condemned the attack on Monday on a teenager by fellow pupils at a high school in Vyronas, eastern Athens. 

"The Ministry of Education will be relentless toward such behavior," Kerameus said during a visit to the school. She said a team of psychologists and social workers would be sent to the school.

Google congratulates us for Valentine's Day

Today, the world marks the Day of Love.

Google also immerses us in a festive atmosphere by changing the logo of its interactive animation homepage - a pair of adorable aliens who exchange messages and show us that love is "out of this world."

This has become a tradition of the tech giant - marking important dates and anniversaries with the so-called Doodle.

Valentine's Day 2020: Romanians get married later in life, divorce less than before (analysis)

Romanians get married at older ages than 30 years ago and they divorce much less, a sign of the fundamental changes that the Romanian society went through after the 1989 Revolution, shows an analysis carried out by the consulting company Frames. "In 2020, marriage has turned into an event that many young people try to postpone as much as possible.

Democracy Digest: Gloom, Doom and Silver Linings

Four out of the five categories that make up the average score deteriorated. Civil liberties: down. Political culture: down. Functioning of government: down. Electoral processes and pluralism: you guessed it.

The only category that registered an uptick was "political participation", reflecting "a rising tide of popular protest" that "shook regimes run by despots and democrats alike".

BIRN Launches ‘If You Were Here’ Missing Persons Campaign

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network is launching its new missing persons campaign on Valentine's Day to emphasise how people across the Balkans lost their loved ones during the wars, and that more than two decades afterwards, some are still waiting for information about their partners and other relatives.

Survey among Students: Six Hours Spent behind the Desk Leads to Depression

Six hours behind the desk are enough for teenagers to develop some form of depression, according to researchers quoted by Metro. The newspaper cites a study by specialists at University College London. They examined data from 4257 adolescents whose movements were monitored with accelerometers for at least 10 hours a day. Participants' behavior was reported at 12, 14, and 16 years of age.