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‘Grexit’ and ‘Brexit’ officially words

Language is alive and constantly evolving with new words or phrases being added to dictionaries. The Greek crisis introduced some neologisms in the vocabulary of economics and journalism and they eventually found their way into the Oxford online dictionary. ‘Brexit’ is another term referring to a possible British exit from the EU that also was included in the dictionary.

Police in Plovdiv Bust Printing House for Fake Documents

Police in Bulgaria's Plovdiv have uncovered a printing facility for fake documents, including ID cards, diplomas and drivers' licenses and control cards.

The printing facility was located in Rozova Dolina Street, according to the Bulgarian National Radio.

Police are to announce details about the operation at a press conference later on Friday.

Tarkan shakes Istanbul

Turkish pop star Tarkan Teveto?lu staged a glamorous show for more than 7,000 fans at Istanbul's Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theater on Aug. 26. Despite not releasing a new album for five years, the singer has almost sold out nine upcoming dates at the same Istanbul venue.

Top 10 things to do in Greece (vid)

Greece has a lot to offer for all types of travellers. From the history buffs, to the nature lovers, the sea sports fanatics, the sailing adventurers, the party animals, the romantics. It is really a place where someone can get ‘high on life’. The young people from from the homonym site ‘High on Life’, compiled their top 10 list of places to visit in Greece. Here is their video.

Unbelievable emotional breakdown of woman after being dumped! (video)

We have probably all experienced what it feels like when you get dumped in a relationship. Some of us overreact, others take it in their stride and move on. The reaction of this young Chinese lady after getting dumped through a text message has to be up their amongst the top ones. She has an emotional meltdown (possibly with psychological undertones, who knows…) in the middle of a busy street.