Human migration

Parliamentary Roundtable on Coordinating the Migration Process in Europe

The organizers are the chairpersons of the internal and external commission in the National Assembly, together with the International Center for Migration Policy Development.

Among the topics to be discussed are Bulgaria's expectations for a comprehensive approach to the problem and ways of overcoming the political impasse surrounding pan-European migration policy.

"A shameful act of United States"

She stated that Russian delegation in Sochi consisted of 200 members, who were regularly issued visas in the past.
Zakharova had commented on Facebook on the reaction of US officials who stated that they had reviewed every single visa request, adding that the procedure is confidential, and that they have taken this duty "quite seriously".

Russia provides e-visa application for St Petersburg and Leningrad region

Russia will provide e-visas for trips to St. Petersburg and Leningrad region as of Oct. 1. Foreign nationals, including citizens of Turkey, will be able to get single-entry electronic visas for trips to St. Petersburg and Leningrad region for trade, humanitarian and touristic travels.

UN: The Global Migrant Number Rose to 272 Million Globally in 2019

The total number of migrants worldwide has reached approximately 272 million this year, which is 51 million more than in 2010. At present, migrants make up 3.5% of the global population, compared to 2.8% in 2000. Data are from the United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs (UN DESA).