Human migration

From Monday: Bulgaria Closes Borders to Netherland, Malta, Andorra and Georgia

As of Monday, July 26, Bulgaria is closed to foreigners coming from four other countries - the Netherlands, Malta, Andorra and Georgia. Bulgarian citizens arriving from these countries, permanent residents and members of their families are allowed in our country only against a negative test for COVID-19, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not.

Slovenia’s positive net migration highest in over decade

Ljubljana – Slovenia recorded what is the highest positive net migration since 2008 last year as almost 18,400 people more moved in than out. The Statistics Office says part of the reason for the increase is administrative changes in the population register.

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US to start evacuating some under-threat Afghan visa applicants

The United States this month will begin evacuating from Afghanistan applicants for special immigration visas whose lives are at risk because of work they did with the U.S. government as translators and in other roles.

The White House on July 14 said the evacuation, called Operation Allies Refuge, would start during the last week of July.