Human migration

Fifty migrants to return to their country after failed asylum requests

Fifty foreign nationals - 40 Pakistanis and 10 Georgians - will be returned to their country of origin after their asylum requests were rejected, Greece's Migration Ministry announced on Wednesday.

The requests that were examined had been submitted in the last 48 hours at the Amygdaleza predeparture centre. 

Driver busts through toll booth barriers during migrant smuggling pursuit

A 20-year-old foreign national was arrested in Thessaloniki in the early hours of Sunday for migrant smuggling. 

During routine police checks on the Thessaloniki National Road, a vehicle, driven by the accused, sped excessively in an attempt to evade inspection breaking toll barriers at three toll booths.

Migrants hidden in truck stopped in Igoumenitsa

Greek authorities have apprehended two undocumented migrants from Iraq, aged 23 and 26, in the northwestern port of Igoumenitsa as they attempted to travel to Italy concealed within a freight truck. 

Additionally, a 52-year-old suspected smuggler, also from Iraq, has been detained in connection with the same incident.

Migrant Attempts To Cross The Bulgarian-Turkish Border Have Decreased

According to the General Directorate Border Police from the beginning of the year until January 31, nearly 1980 citizens from third countries attempted to cross the Bulgarian-Turkish border illegally. This number is 69% lower compared to January last year when it was around 6380, as reported by the Ministry of Interior.

Bulgaria Gains Momentum in Pursuit of US Visa Waiver for Travel

Bulgaria is making noteworthy progress in its pursuit of visa-free travel to the United States, according to Michael J. Greer, the US Consul General in Bulgaria. Greer shared this optimistic outlook during a recent visa ceremony, celebrating the approval of the first students for the summer work-and-travel brigade.