Human rights abuses

NGO Charges Croatian Police With ‘Inhumane Treatment of Refugees’

A human rights NGO, the Center for Peace Studies, filed a criminal complaint on Friday to the Croatian State Attorney's Office against "unknown perpetrators" from the police, "based on a reasonable doubt of degrading treatment and torture of 33 people and their violent, illegal expulsion from the territory of the Republic of Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina".

Two more cities make masks in public mandatory

Two more provinces have joined a list of Turkish cities that have made wearing face masks mandatory in public, as the country began reopening and easing measures taken to curb the spread of the coronavirus outbreak on June 1.

The eastern Aegean province of Kütahya and the eastern province of Kars have made it mandatory to its residences to wear face masks in public.

Serbian Policeman Who Revealed Srebrenica Mission ‘Unlawfully Fired’

The Serbian Administrative Court has ruled that the Serbian Interior Ministry's disciplinary commission must reconsider the dismissal of policeman Mladen Trbovic, who has been accused of disclosing official secrets by talking to media about an undercover assignment at the anniversary commemoration of the Srebrenica massacres.