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‘Donating’ a Child in 20th Century Albania

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Brothers Rifat and Asim, both traders, lived in the Albanian coastal city of Durres in the first half of the last century, Asim born in 1900, and Rifat in 1910.

The older brother married a woman called Hatixhe and they were blessed with 15 children, of which 10 survived into adulthood. The last was born in 1946.

Man, 53, arrested for sexual harassment of minor in Thessaloniki

A 53-year-old man was arrested in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, for sexual harassment of a minor.

The incident was reported by the parents of a 10-year-old girl who alleged that the man had made obscene gestures towards her.

The complaint was made to the child protection unit of Thessaloniki police, which is currently investigating the case.

Employers, managers behind most work abuse

Six out of 10 people that are reported for incidents of violence and harassment in the workplace are employers or persons exercising managerial authority or representing the employer, according to the results of the annual report of the relevant Labor Inspectorate department that monitors violence and harassment at work.

The trial of Mika Aleksić continues

Aleksi was accused of multiple rapes and sexual harassment of female students at his school.
It is expected that at today's hearing, the questioning of one of the injured parties, which began at the previous hearing, will be continued. Aleksi was met in front of the Palace building, as in the previous hearings, by activists with a banner reading "We believe in Milena Radulovi".

Mother of 12-year-old sex-trafficking victim to remain in custody

An Athens court on Tuesday rejected a request for release from pretrial custody of the mother of a 12-year-old victim of rape and sexual exploitation.

The decision was unanimous, with the judges on the Council of Misdemeanors ruling that the 37-year-old woman is facing serious charges, including of profiting from the pimping of her daughter and other related offenses.