Human sexuality

The Special Prosecutor’s Office Has Brought Charges against Three Persons Involved in an Organised Crime Group for Trafficking of Women

The Special Prosecutor's Office has brought charges against three persons involved in an organised crime group for trafficking of women for the purpose of sexual exploitation in the country and abroad, said the Appellate Prosecutor's Office, quoted by Focus News Agency.

Survey: Europeans Have Become more Tolerant, Bulgarians Don't Accept the Different

Europeans have become more tolerant of different social groups, but not Bulgarians, Eurobarometer survey shows. According to it, Bulgarians are least inclined to elect a homosexual as a political leader. Only 18% of people living in Bulgaria would consider it normal for а premier to be gay. In comparison, this is quite normal for 98% of the Dutch.

Prostitution racket uncovered in Attica

A large prostitution racket that exploited women from Moldova has been unraveled by police in Attica who have arrested 15 people - 12 foreign nationals and three Greeks.
According to authorities, the gang preyed on women in the Eastern European country and lured them to Greece, where they were forced into prostitution at brothels across central Athens.

Gay and Catholic in Slovakia: ‘Christianity Can Look Different’

Zuzka's father is a priest within the Greek Catholic church, the third largest religious denomination in Slovakia, where some 66 per cent of people identify as Catholics.

Raised in a house full of icons, old books and religious symbols, Zuzka says she has never turned away from God or her Catholic faith, despite the Church's disdain for homosexuality. 

Rewarding delinquents

No one has any delusions about the state of Public Power Corporation. There is no easy way to overcome the troubles dogging Greece's biggest public utility, which is too big to be left to its fate.