Human sexuality

Gay and Catholic in Slovakia: ‘Christianity Can Look Different’

Zuzka's father is a priest within the Greek Catholic church, the third largest religious denomination in Slovakia, where some 66 per cent of people identify as Catholics.

Raised in a house full of icons, old books and religious symbols, Zuzka says she has never turned away from God or her Catholic faith, despite the Church's disdain for homosexuality. 

Rewarding delinquents

No one has any delusions about the state of Public Power Corporation. There is no easy way to overcome the troubles dogging Greece's biggest public utility, which is too big to be left to its fate.

North Macedonia’s Zaev Condemned for Calling Detainee “Faggot”

North Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has come under fire for calling the detained celebrity-turned-businessman Bojan Jovanovski, the central figure in the ongoing "Extortion" scandal, a "faggot".

His use of the abusive term has been widely condemned by human rights organisations and media associations in the country.

Bulgaria Court Recognises Same-sex Marriage in Landmark Ruling

A Bulgarian court has recognised a marriage between two women who married in France, the first time that a same-sex union has been acknowledged in the conservative country.

After a two-year court battle, Australian-born Cristina Palma has been granted the right to live and work in Bulgaria with her French wife Mariama Dialo, reports Pink News.