Croatia Veterans Threaten To Block Roads Over Asylum Centre

War Veterans in Croatia have warned they will set up road blocks if the government revives plans to locate a centre for asylum seekers in the small rural town of Petrina, about 60 kilometres southeast of Zagreb.

"We do not give up on our requests … If you do not meet them, we'll see you on the state roads on May 26, 2019," the War Veterans of Petrinja wrote on Thursday.

Turkey’s cultural diplomacy ‘has a humanitarian dimension’

The mission of Yunus Emre Institute is not just limited to project Turkey's culture or encourage cultural exchange, according to its chairman. The strategy of the institute, which is celebrating its 10th year, has a humanitarian dimension to it. "We also want to answer the needs of our interlocutors," Professor Şeref Ateş has said.

68% of Bulgarians Think State Should Intervene When Children Are at Risk

Almost two-thirds of Bulgarians believe that the state should intervene when children are at risk and their parents do not take the necessary care. This was announced by Sociologist Radostina Angelova from "Global Metrix".

Angelova pointed out that for the first time there was such a high public interest in public policies, especially those for children. 

President Iohannis extends full support to journalists on World Press Freedom Day

President Klaus Iohannis told journalists on May 3, World Press Freedom Day, that he fully supports them, underscoring that journalists help promote transparency and political accountability. "Today we celebrate the journalists who devote their lives to finding the truth and who, through their hard work, help impose transparency and governmental accountability.