I (Almost) Got Away With It

Crete Christmas manger robbed of its hay

Residents of a suburb in Iraklio on the island of Crete woke up on Friday to the robbery of hay balls that decorated a Christmas manger that was set up by the local cultural center.

The local Cretalive.gr website said the theft took place on Thursday night.

According to reports, the robbers took the hay to feed their livestock.

A bank was robbed in Istanbul, suspect fled with money

An armed robbery took place in a private bank in Avcılar district of Istanbul province.

The robbery occurred at 14:00 and police teams were dispatched to the scene.

A person who came to the bank as a customer pointed his gun at the bank officer and asked for the money.

The suspect, who took the money, fled the scene on foot, according to reports.

Elderly man reports robbery of 800 gold sovereigns on Christmas Day

Police in Thessaloniki on Friday were investigating the burglary on Christmas Day of an elderly man's home in the district of Thermi during which the robbers allegedly made off with 800 gold sovereigns. 

According to the account given by the 72-year-old, the assailants broke into his home through the balcony door and stole jewelry as well as the gold sovereigns.