More than 20 Cars Fell through Ice into Sea near Vladivostok (VIDEO)

More than 20 cars ended up in the water after ice on the frozen coast of Russky Island, near the eastern port of Vladivostok, Metro news reported.

Fishermen who came to take advantage of Sunday's pleasant weather on the island near Vladivostok had to take their cars out of the water besides the fish.

'First Ever' Digital Ice Art Museum Opening in Belgium

An ice sculpture exhibition in the Belgian town of Bruges will open its doors to visitors on Saturday for a freezing walk through a world of illuminated frozen creatures, which organizers are calling the first ever digital ice art museum, reported

Forty artists from around the world have been chipping at ice and snow to make this project come to life.

Snowfall on Shipka Pass

The first snow fell at Shipka Pass on 25th of October. All night, several machines of a road maintenance company worked to clear the pass. Ice has formed in some places because of the low temperatures and the strong wind. There is no traffic restrictions in in the pass.


Yellow Warning on Glaze for All of North Bulgaria

A yellow warning code for glaze ice has been declared for the entire Northern Bulgaria, according to the website of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology.

This morning there was initially a warning for only 9 regions of the country. The degree of warning allows for some outdoor activities to be limited.