Ice storms

Weather On March 7: Cloudy And Rainy Conditions Expected

Weather conditions across Bulgaria are set to vary significantly on 7 March, with rain showers forecasted over western and central regions, accompanied by thunderstorms in the far southwestern areas. Additionally, mountainous areas are expected to experience considerable snowfall, while some parts of eastern Bulgaria may see light showers later in the day.

There are casualties, flights are cancelled, schools are closed VIDEO

The storm caused traffic chaos, and one person was killed.
In Pennsylvania, a 20-year-old man was killed on a snowmobile when he ran into a downed wire, Newbury police said.
Due to the snowstorm, about 1,500 flights were canceled, mainly in New York and Boston, while another 2,700 were delayed, the BBC reports.

Bulgaria Braces for High Winds: Yellow and Orange Alerts Across the Country

Bulgaria is gearing up for a bout of turbulent weather as the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology issues warnings for high winds across the nation. With an orange alert for strong winds in eight regions and a yellow alert for most others, citizens are urged to prepare for adverse conditions.

Türkiye grapples with heavy snowfall

Several parts of Türkiye witnessed snowfall, including Istanbul, as cold weather grips the country, with experts warning citizens against freezing rain and snowfall expected to continue in the coming days.

People in Istanbul, which is on "yellow alert," signifying a potential threat by a weather event, witnessed snow and hail.

Weather In Bulgaria On The Weekend: Rain, Snow, and Chilly Temperatures

This Saturday, Bulgarians can expect cloudy weather with a moderate to strong northwesterly wind. Rain and snow showers are anticipated, spanning from west to east. Temperatures will range from minus 3C to 8C, dropping lower in Sofia. Coastal regions will experience cloudy conditions with rain showers, and snow is predicted up north.

Caution Advised: Heavy Snowfall Triggers Orange Alert Across Bulgaria

Bulgaria is currently under an orange weather warning for heavy snow, drifts, and black ice in 14 regions across Western, Northern, and Southern Bulgaria. The rest of the country faces a yellow weather alert, with snow cover expected to range from 10 to 30 centimeters in regions affected by adverse weather conditions.