Ice storms

One dead in mudslides that cut off Vancouver from rest of Canada

Police said on Nov. 16 at least one person has died in torrential rains that trapped motorists in mudslides, forced thousands to evacuate their homes and cut off Vancouver from the rest of Canada.

Search and rescue teams recovered the body of a woman from a mudslide near Lillooet, 250 kilometers (155 miles) north of Vancouver, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said.

Heavy Rains in Scotland and England: Completely Impassable Streets in Glasgow

Glasgow was flooded just days before the opening of the climate change summit. Serious floods were caused by torrential rains in south-west Scotland and north-west England.

In Scotland's largest city, some streets have become completely impassable after heavy rains. Public transport was seriously damaged, trains were canceled.

Weather in Bulgaria: Rainfall will Continue, Most Intense in Eastern Bulgaria

Today it will continue to rain in many places, in Eastern Bulgaria the quantities will be significant, in the southeastern regions there will thunder. After noon from the west the precipitation will weaken and stop, in the evening over some areas the clouds will break.

Greece: More than 200 Houses Under Water after Flood on the Island of Euboea

More than 200 houses were flooded on the island of Euboea after heavy rain on Sunday, Greek television channel Skai reported. According to the information, the heavy rain, which lasted for several hours on the island, led to the overflow of local mountain rivers.

Weather in Bulgaria: Rainfall and Wind with Max Temp Between 11°-16°C

Today it will be cloudy, rainy and windy. Rainfall will cover the country, in places in Western and Central Bulgaria the quantities will be significant. The wind will be moderate, along the Danube and in Eastern Bulgaria - temporarily strong wind from east-northeast. Maximum temperatures will be between 11°-16° Celsius.

Rain in Southwestern Bulgaria Today

Today from the west the clouds will increase, in the afternoon they will be significant. In the extreme southwestern regions and on the Black Sea coast it will rain, in some places, there will be thunder. A moderate, temporarily strong wind from East-Northeast will blow in Eastern Bulgaria. Maximum temperatures across the country will be between 22° and 27° Celsius.

Bulgaria: Cloudy with Light Rain Today

Today, the passage of a cold atmospheric front in some places from northwest to southeast will cause rain and thunder, mostly in southern Bulgaria.

The weather in the Rila-Rhodope region will be more intense. The wind from west-northwest will intensify, in the Danube plain it will be strong and with it cooler air. Maximum temperatures will be between 23° and 28° Celsius.

Weather in Bulgaria: Heat and Rain over Southern Bulgaria

It will be sunny over the country. In the afternoon there will be temporary increases in cloudiness and in some places in Central Bulgaria and in the mountainous regions of the South, it will rain and thunder. The wind will be light to moderate, in the western part of the country from west-northwest, and in the eastern regions it will gradually orient from the northeast.