Handmade Festival Open Doors in the National Palace of Culture

Fashion lovers can see the Handmade Fest in the National Palace of Culture. The exhibition is on 4, 5 and 6 October this year.

They are shown on the ground floor and two semi-floors - left and right, various clothes, accessories, cosmetics, home decor. The show is full of colors and great mood.

License plates to be returned for election

Motorists who have had their license plates removed for minor parking offenses will be able to reclaim them from the confiscating authority in the runup to Sunday's election, the Transport Ministry said on Wednesday.
The decision, which does not benefit motorists nabbed for "anti-social" violations like parking on a wheelchair ramp, was made to facilitate voters needing to travel.

Cyprus should not be on the list of countries not getting US arms

In 1987, the US Department of State placed the Republic of Cyprus on a list of countries to which sales and transfers of defense articles and services is prohibited under the International Trade in Arms Regulations (ITAR). The reason for the prohibition has never been clear.

Seatbelt enforcement checks starting sais Ministry of Interior

A special police operation for the use of safety systems by motor vehicle drivers and passengers begins today, said the press office of the Ministry of the Interior.

Special attention will be paid to the proper transport of children. Another emphasis in the operation will be placed on the correct placing of the registration plates by motorcyclists.

Students remove plates from FYROM car at name deal protest

Students at a rally in Thessaloniki on Thursday against the Prespes name agreement with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia removed the license plates from a car from the neighboring country that was in a central parking lot.

The plates carried the country code MK, standing for Macedonia, and SK for Skopje.

Attractive and affordable real estate for young families

At a prime location close to the Maribor city centre, a four-room apartment in a relatively new apartment building is being sold. It is found on the first floor of the apartment building on Koroška cesta 80 in Maribor. It measures 140.90 m², with 14. m² 50 dedicated for the lounge and 3.1 m² for the underground storage room.

License plates returned for Aug 15 holday

As of Friday, drivers who have had their license plates confiscated by police for minor offenses can reclaim them ahead of the August 15 national holiday, traditionally when Greeks set off for their summer vacations, many traveling large distances by road.

Motorists can retrieve their license plates after paying the corresponding fine.

A magnificent villa awaits its new owner

The villa was built in 1893 and completely renovated in 2010 using quality materials. Ever since, it has been carefully maintained. The villa comprises a basement, ground floor, and two upper floors. The currently unfinished basement is planned for the setting up of a day spa. The ground floor features an art gallery with a terrace restaurant offering plenty of shade.