Fear and freedom

Experts tell us that the strongest emotion we feel as humans is fear, which we are unable to process individually. This leads to the belief that only an all-powerful institution, namely the state, can ensure the survival of a society and its citizens when they are faced with mortal peril, like the current coronavirus crisis.

The significance of the 1821 Revolution for Greece and the world

The Greek Revolution of the 1820s was the first liberal-national movement to succeed in the Old World of Europe - after the United States, more or less at the same time as the similar liberation movements in South America (between 1811 and 1825), and before every one of the new nation-states that would soon become the norm throughout Europe.

LGBT Rights Seize Spotlight in Poland, Move Online Elsewhere

As the June 28 presidential election draws near, Duda's anti-LGBT rhetoric is gaining strength.

At a rally in Brzeg, in southwest Poland on Saturday, Duda claimed that "LGBT ideology" was "more destructive" than communism.

"They are trying to tell us that it's people, but it is simply an ideology," he added.

Narrow Self-Interest: Welcome to the Age of Cynical Voters

In Poland, it is no secret that the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party is packing governing institutions with its lackeys, misusing public media, rewarding cronies and undermining the independence of the courts.

Nonetheless, PiS trounced Poland's opposition parties in the European Parliament election in May.

An authentic, open-minded mayor who will be missed

Yiannis Boutaris will be missed from Greek politics. Whatever one's ideological preferences - Thessaloniki's outgoing mayor defies easy political catagorization - few would disagree that Boutaris is one of the few (in fact very few) politicians who dares to speak the truth, unpleasant as it might be. He never hesitated to express his opinion, even if it went against that of the mainstream.

A student to die for! (20 SEXY PHOTOS)

Her name is Anastasia Stefanidou, she is a student at Democritus University of Thrace where she is studying Political Sciences.

But what is makes the social media go crazy about her is not her views on ideologies and political systems.


It’s her amazingly sizzling hot body she just cannot show enough of at her Instagram account.

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Stuck in reverse

One does not need to look very hard to find out what it is that makes Greece a "special case," thwarting efforts to pull the country out of the persisting crisis. While being mired in stagnation, public debate revolves around the role and legacy of Greek communist and resistance hero Nikos Beloyiannis.

Bulgaria's Democracy Turns 25

Bulgarians mark on November 10 the 25th anniversary of the overthrow of the communist regime amidst 150 days of protests against the Socialist-led government.

Boryana Dimitrova from Alpha Research, one of Bulgaria's leading pollsters, told the Bulgarian National Radio on Monday that a "nostalgic [and] idealized image of communism" is starting to dominate over society.