Igor Dodon

Moldova’s Parliament Backs Ion Chicu as New PM

Moldova's Prime Minister-designate Ion Chicu was approved by the country's parliament on Thursday, along with his proposed list of ministers who will form the new cabinet following the collapse of the former government led by pro-Western PM Maja Sandu just days prior.

Having formed a list of proposed ministers overnight, Chicu secured the support of 62 out of 101 deputies.

Moldovan Socialists Win Chisinau City Hall

Socialist Party candidate Ion Ceban won the mayoral race for Chisinau in the elections on Sunday with 52.39 per cent of the votes cast.

The pro-European candidate and co-president of the ACUM bloc, Andrei Nastase, scored 48.61 per cent.

According to data from the Central Election Commission, Ceban won the votes of 123,807 citizens, while Nastase got 112,513 votes.

Moldova Election Run-off Puts Capital Under Spotlight

In the second run-off round of local elections in the former Soviet country, Moldovan citizens on Sunday will select bosses for another 380 town halls.

In the first round, on October 20, voters elected 518 mayors in a race in which the pro-Russian Moldovan Socialist Party, PSRM, won the biggest number of votes in the country.

Russia Tightens Quotas on Imports From Moldova

Russia has refused to increase export quotas for Moldovan goods for 2019, setting a quota of 15,000 export permits for Moldovan producers - 3,000 less than in 2018.

The Moldovan Economy and Infrastructure Ministry on Wednesday said Russia wanted Moldova first to increase the number of permits for Russian transport operators.

Romania Opposes Federal Solution to Moldova’s Transnistria Problem

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis urged Moldova not to pursue a federal arrangement as a solution to the problem of its breakaway region of Transnistria at a meeting with the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, in New York on Wednesday.

The two presidents met on the sidelines of the 74th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Iohannis to Dodon: European path, option that brings prosperity to citizens

AGERPRES Special correspondent Irinela Visan reports: President Klaus Iohannis had a brief meeting with his counterpart from Chisinau, Igor Dodon, on the sidelines of the 74th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, where the former stressed that the European path of the Republic of Moldova is the only option that can bring prosperity to its citizens.