Map showing the homeland of every character in Homer’s Iliad

This is a map showing where all of the characters originated in Homer’s epic poem The Iliad. I know Greece is small by today’s standards, but it was surprising to me how geographically widespread the hometowns of the characters were. The Iliad is set sometime in the 11th or 12th century BC, about 400 years before Homer lived.

Turkey's Fire of Anatolia to Perform in Bulgaria on Oct 21, 23

Turkish dance group Fire of Anatolia is to present its new show in Sofia and Varna in October.

Troy, a performance based on Homer's epic poem Iliad that recounts a story from the Trojan War, can be enjoyed at the National Palace of Culture (NDK) in Sofia on October 21.

In Varna, Troy will be shown two days later, on October 25, at the Palace of Culture and Sports.

66 actors undertake ambitious reading of Homer’s ‘Iliad’ (vid)

66 actors undertook the ambitious reading of the Iliad thanks to Cambridge classics professor Simon Goldhill. More than 50,000 people watched online as the ambitious reading took place on August 14 in front of live audiences at the British Museum. Now, the project can be enjoyed at Almeida’s website until September 21, 2016.