Illegal drug trade

Police unveil cocaine traffic route between Columbia, Turkey

Anti-narcotics teams in the capital Ankara have unveiled cocaine traffic between a Colombian drug cartel, Cali, and seven Turkish drug barons in a nine-month surveillance, according to a report by the daily Hürriyet.

"Cali cartel sent the drugs in boxes of flowers, bananas, coffee or strawberries, using air and sea routes," the report said on Oct. 3.

Over 714 kg of heroine seized in Turkey

Turkish security forces seized more than 714 kilograms (1,574 pounds) of heroin on July 23.

In one operation, police in İpekyolu district of eastern Van province captured more than 265 kilos (584 pounds) of heroin and arrested two suspects on allegations of drug trafficking, according to a statement by the provincial police department.

Ten people arrested in record seizure of 1.4 tonnes of heroin

Ten people from Belgium, the Netherlands and Romania were arrested in record drug seizure - 1,452 kilograms of heroin - in the Port of Constanta. According to Eurojust, it is about 10 suspects, who are part of a group of traffickers specialized in bringing large quantities of heroin to Europe.

Turkey seizes over 6.2 mln drug pills

Customs teams confiscated over a ton of Captagon drug pills at the İskenderun Port in southern Turkey, the biggest seizure of its kind, the country's trade minister said on May 16. 

A total of 1,072 kilograms (2,000 pounds) of Captagon drugs - more than 6.2 million pills - were seized during search by customs officials of Hatay province from May 15-16, Mehmet Muş said on Twitter.