Immigration to Europe

Bulgaria Among the EU Champions for the Smallest Number of Foreigners

Of the 512 million people living in the EU in 2018, 7.8% are with nationality different from their than their country of residence: 3.4% are with nationality from another EU Member State and 4.4% are from non-EU country. These shares vary from one Member State to another.

Bulgaria Gives Citizenship mostly to Russians

In 2016, the European Union has given citizenship to almost one million people, most of them Moroccans, followed by Albanians, Indians, Pakistanis and Turks, according to Eurostat data released on Monday. This pan-European trend, however, does not apply to Bulgaria, where nearly a third of the granted citizenships are given to Russians, Ukrainians and Turks.

Avramopoulos: Refusal by some EU states to take in asylum-seekers 'unacceptable'

European Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos has described as "unacceptable" the refusal by some European Union countries to take some of the weight off fellow member states by taking in asylum seekers.

Such a move would relieve countries such as Greece and Italy which continue to shoulder the burden of Europe's migration crisis, Avramopoulos told Agence France-Presse.