Immigration to Europe

EU's Backing Leads to Positive Outcomes in Border Security for Bulgaria and Romania

In a recent announcement by the European Commission, significant progress has been reported in the joint efforts to safeguard the external borders of Bulgaria and Romania. The EU's support has yielded promising outcomes, particularly in the areas of migrant returns, asylum procedures, and countering smuggling activities.

Integration – the EU’s white elephant

It is no secret that Europe has been struggling to come to an agreement on a pan-European migration policy since the 2015 migration "crisis." Public and political sentiments on the topic have swung from the left to the right over the years, resulting in the latest, trimmed-down New Pact on Migration and Asylum proposal that is currently being debated in Brussels.

Slovenia has not yet detected security threats due to Ukraine war

Prague – Interior Minister Tanja Bobnar attended an informal EU ministerial in Prague on Monday, telling her colleagues from the other EU members that the Slovenian police had not yet detected major security threats stemming from the war in Ukraine. However, the police is paying close attention including because of potential human trafficking.

UAE sends Aid to Ukrainian Refugees in Bulgaria

The UAE has sent a plane with 52 tons of food products in support of Ukrainian refugees to the Republic of Bulgaria as part of the UAE's ongoing assistance to alleviate the humanitarian consequences facing Ukrainian refugees in Ukraine's neighboring countries, the Emirates News Agency reported.

The number of Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria is estimated at more than 90,000.

Bulgaria: No More Money for Employers who Hired Ukrainian Citizens

Employers in Bulgaria, who hired Ukrainian refugees, are facing a new big problem. Surprisingly, some companies have been notified that from July 1 they will no longer receive financial assistance from the state for the employed Ukrainian citizens. The money for hired foreign employees is stopped. What will happen to working Ukrainian refugees?

EU Commissioner: By Adopting the Euro Bulgarians will have their Voices Heard

"Bulgaria is expected to receive 11 billion euros through the EU for the next 7 years", announced on Nova TV the European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights Nicolas Schmit. He clarified that it is about signing the Partnership Agreement and that a year has passed.

There are currently 81,486 Ukrainian Refugees in Bulgaria

"There are currently 81,486 Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria. They have requested temporary protection. 45,000 of them are children. With their personal foreigner number after registration, every refugee can exercise their rights." This was stated by the chairwoman of the Agency for Refugees Mariana Tosheva.