Immigration to the United Kingdom

Bulgarians and EU Citizens Will Enter UK only with Passports from October 1st

As of October 1, 2021, Bulgarian citizens can enter the UK only with an international passport, which must be valid for the entire period of the planned stay.

Exception will be made only for those who have received the so called "settled status" in UK.

Citizens who do not present such a document will not be allowed in the country.

#postBrexit More than 600,000 Romanians received resident status or temporary resident status in UK

More than 600,000 Romanians have received resident or temporary resident status in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which will allow them, even after the end of the transition period after the withdrawal of this country from the European Union, to enjoy the same rights as before.

Foreign Job Seekers Will Have to Apply for Visa to Work in UK


As of today, all foreigners, including those from the EU Member States who want to work in the UK from 1 January, will have to apply online for a visa. The free movement of people to and from the EU ends after Brexit on 31 December.

Ministers say the new immigration measures will be "simple and flexible" with a new points-based system.

EU Citizens will not Need Visas to Visit UK After Brexit

EU citizens will be free to visit the UK after Brexit without having to obtain visas, it has emerged, reported The Guardian. 

Whitehall sources confirmed reports that plans for a post-Brexit immigration system, due to be published later this year, would allow EU citizens to enter the UK freely.

Red tape cut in application process for Greek ID cards

Greek citizens will now be faced with less red tape when applying for police identity cards following a joint ministerial decision, it was announced on Tuesday.

Applicants will now submit a form at police stations where they reside and information regarding their personal details will be checked via the Interior Ministry’s online National Registry.